The Interview: Lucia Hatfield

“To find balance you must keep your structure safe, set aside time for yourself, to do something that gives you peace and then; you can help others.”

The shores of Los Cabos have put a spell that captures surfers who, drawn by the challenge of conquering the waves, end up seduced by this paradise. This is exactly what happened to Lucía Hatfield, a Juris Doctor graduate from the University of Southern California and current vice president of DelMar Development, who fell in love with Mexico’s charm in 1984.

Because of her profession, Lucía developed the ability to connect with people and the desire to improve herself, face adversity and implement actions that allowed her to help others.

In addition to having pursued a career in law, Lucía has become a business leader at DelMar Development, which has allowed her to get to know the Los Cabos business sector and empathize perfectly with the needs of the community. Since 2015 she has been part of Grupo Madrugadores de Los Cabos: a community made up of businesspeople who seek to improve the living conditions in this tourist destination.

Her ideal work team depends on the goals at hand, in every organization there must be a warrior personality, who proposes strategies; someone wise, who keeps the focus; the humanist, so that peace and balance is maintained among all and, of course, all have to do the work. And she considers that the same person doesn’t always play the same role, their roles can change depending on the circumstances.

Family is one of Lucía’s pillars. She has deep admiration for her mother, and those who raised her, to become the accomplished woman she is today; capable of appreciating the importance of the small things and walking towards tomorrow with enthusiasm and faith.

For Lucía, each person who has appeared in her life has been important in forging her identity and has helped her improve in all aspects. Each chapter that she shared with us about her personal and professional history made us realize that her actions have come from kindness and gratitude, and every step she has taken has been driven by discipline, perseverance, and respect.

“I think we should be kind and accept everything with gratitude. I appreciate the good and the bad because I have learned from the bad. In a way, they are lessons that have made me the person that I am, for which I am very happy.”

“Here we have light, water, land, different types of marine life. It is a very special place and I understood that you find few places in the world where sea, desert and mountains coincide; a very different energy, very positive”.

“The legacy that I have left my children and that they have already carried on is one of service. It is not about creating a big change in the world; if you can, that’s fine, but it really is about helping others and doing what you can”.

“Every good or bad person in my life has made me stand up and become who I am. I’m still learning, and I hope to keep improving every day.”

As part of the balance in her life, Lucía has learned the importance of staying true to oneself.

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