Giving the gift of new lives: 10th United in Heart Day

A press conference was held at Hospiten facilities on “United by Heart” Day. In this medical initiative, the Corazón de Niño Foundation partnered with Amigos de los Niños A.C., Terumo Mexico, Hospiten, Philips Latin America, and the RIU Cabo San Lucas hotel to perform surgeries on infants who have congenital heart disease in the Los Cabos municipality.

The Presidium included Prof. Óscar Leggs Castro, municipal president of H. XIV Los Cabos municipality, and Mtra. The following individuals are part of the municipal system DIF Los Cabos, Baja California Sur: Flora Aguilar de Leggs, who serves as the honorary president; Audelia Esthela Villarreal Zavala, who is the director of Ayuda a Corazón de Niño A.C; Gay Thatcher de Herrera, who directs Amigos de los Niños de Cabo San Lucas A.C; Dr. Italo Sampablo Lauro, who is the corporate medical director of Hospiten Mexico; Dr. Gerardo García Álvarez, who serves as the medical director of Hospiten Los Cabos; and Lic. Ana Gabriela Torres, who is the marketing director of Terumo Mexico.

The group of collaborators celebrated the closing of the tenth day, which lasted from August 5 to 18. One hundred ninety-one children in Baja California Sur received cardiac treatments and surgeries, giving them a new chance at life. These operations can cost from 1.5 to 3 million Mexican pesos. Still, with the associates’ contributions and donations collected during the “Amorcito Corazón” event, they can perform these interventions that change the future for families in Baja California Sur.

“To successfully complete this journey is a huge thank you because it is a year-long process, with a team and volunteers behind it. What excites us is the illusion of seeing this opportunity replicated and the children healthy and happy. Here is the army represented to thank them for the opportunity to help the boys and girls of Baja California Sur”, commented Audelia Villarreal, director of Ayuda a Corazón de Niño A.C.

The children have been allowed an excellent start with a new heart, and in the future, the number of children treated is expected to exceed the 140 patients currently treated.

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