Scented Soil: Health by Water

Since ancient times, water has been used for various purposes, it can be used for recreation or to heal thanks to its chemical and geological properties.

Treatments for depression, stress, aging and overweight, using mud or clay water are without a doubt therapies found in the most exclusive places in the world.

In Baja California sur there are currently innumerable spaces aimed at this market segment, the Mexico Tourism Promotion Council points out that they add special value to destinations, since it reflects the so-called lifestyle of the third millennium.

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To the north of the municipality of Los Cabos, along the federal highway that leads to the city of La Paz, beautiful towns with hydrological resources with a high mineral content are located.

Close to the town of Santiago is the Rancho de Agua Caliente, which bases its name on the hot springs of the place where the visitor moves through a majestic canyon known as “El chorro”; a little more to the northwest near the same town of Santiago is located the “Rancho San Jorge” and the Santa Rita ranch, with mineral waters that run throughout the year through a small stream with small pools, where you can enjoy the use of these waters. The calmness of these places and the natural beauty, especially if you visit after the rainy season, make these places a real attraction.

“A few years ago, after the hurricane and rainy season, we decided a group of friends to spend a weekend at Rancho Santa Rita; We camp near the stream, with all the camping equipment, ready to enjoy and interact with nature. For this we carry the task of staging around the baths the legend of the Calafia queen, a wonderful setting, of hours of enjoyment presenting these characters. Those days we learned, we became actors, we enjoyed delicious hot baths, but above all a lot of peace and harmony.”

In short, the above is just a way to enjoy the mysteries of human reflection; the combination of nature and mythology undoubtedly represents a great possibility for the full growth of women and men.

Further north in the municipality of Los Cabos, at the limit of its territorial geography is another beautiful town called Buena Vista, which gives southern California another ingredient in its scented land, that is, the sea breeze. Buena Vista lives up to its name, with a majestic view of the Gulf of California, the Sea of ​​Cortez or the Bermejo Sea. In Buena Vista there is a unique setting that is the product of its thermal waters, on one part of its beaches it is possible to feel the contact of sand, sea water and thermal water.

Leaving the Los Cabos area, in the north of the state, there is a population called Mulegé, a paradisiacal region, a place where the poetry of Don Nestor Agundez Martinez, a South California poet who said:

“The cacti are warriors of my land, who take the slopes by storm, bristling the prairies, warlike descending from the mountains…”

The visitor is welcomed by a wonderful desert of cardon forests, the coast is torn and turns immense on itself, forming a bay, the beautiful Bahia Concepcíon, without looking for a point of comparison, is undoubtedly an incredible bay. One of its beaches known as Santispac, constitutes, together with others in the bay, an attraction of enormous relevance. In Santispac, in addition to enjoying a beautiful beach and the sea, there is a body of water with enormous minerals and a wonderful element such as the mud emanating from this type of water. The healing properties of this element are based on the refreshing, disinflamming, decongestant, purifying, healing and soothing power, which is why it is used with great boom in beauty centers and spas, since mud has captured this market in order to provide better skin care.

It is possible to enter other wonders of southern California and combine the various tourist products in the area to live different experiences in contact with nature. These places provide a quality of physical and mental improvement to not only live more, but live better.

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