Anand Singh Rising Chef Arbol Las Ventanas al Paraíso

At the helm of Arbol, Chef Anand draws on the rich culinary traditions of India, as well as a wide variety of Pan-Asian influences. Hailing from Mumbai, he spent more than a decade exploring and developing coastal cuisines in the Maldives, Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates.

Arbol is Las Ventanas al Paraíso‘s newest restaurant for dinner and is a feast for the senses. The restaurant is located by the pool, with stunning views of the complex. Inside, sculpted trees laden with lanterns strike a primitive pose and present a flight of fantasy in this magical environment.

Arbol’s cuisine features a generous amount of seafood with delicate Asian influences and a treasure trove of exotic spices from India and the Far East.

[two_first] While seafood occupies a central place on the menu, there are other tempting ingredients such as curry, sushi or sashimi, Wagyu beef, vegetarian dishes and a variety of delicious desserts. The dishes emerge from the oven and woks prepared over the low heat of charcoal. You can also take a seat in the front row at the sensational raw bar where the delicacies include fresh lobster, stone crab, oysters and clams.

Anand Singh is originally from Uttarakhand, India, a land known for its rich spices and smoked meats. He considering his parents his greatest influence, both personally and professionally.

His upbringing defined his culinary style. He continues to use rich spices and unique aromatics such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, salt, bay leaves, turmeric and chilies.

“I started cooking professionally when I was 18 years old. I had already been preparing my own meals since I was little. Because of that, I began to develop an interest in the culinary arts. It is that passion that led me to my current profession.”

His culinary style is best described as “simple but unique.” He chooses ingredients carefully and brings out the best of each in every dish. For Anand, it is important to maintain the essence and integrity of the flavors. He considered Mexican cuisine challenging and quite competitive.

“What inspires me in the kitchen? As a chef, I imagine myself as an artist and the kitchen is my stage. There, I can unleash my creativity and perform to my heart’s content. I am most inspired by the feedback and kind appreciation from guests I have served. They motivate me to continue creating and cooking with every ounce of passion I possess.”

“The kitchen is my most personal space, one that gives me energy and comfort. Serving patrons who leave satisfied with smiles on their faces creates a feeling that is irreplaceable and keeps me driven.”

Rather than a single moment, Anand believes his career has been founded on the times he has seen, tasted and experienced the creations of others. They inspire and drive him to continue pushing his culinary limits. Being his own leader and responsible for a team has shaped his career.

“Los Cabos is known for fresh seafood and that is something I have incorporated into the menus of Arbol. The culinary scene in Los Cabos is bustling. From preparation to final plating, there are many world-class restaurants here. I’m honored to be cooking alongside so much talent.”

“I decided to participate in the Culinary Awards because I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to challenge myself as a chef. It was an excellent platform to give it my all and learn about my strengths and weaknesses so that I can improve in the future.

The event went extremely well! I was honored to participate along with so many talented chefs.

I am incredibly grateful for the honor of being recognized as a Rising New Chef. I am inspired by the love and praise I have received, and I will continue to hone my skills and challenge myself in future competitions.

What do I like most about Los Cabos? I love the sunny, bright weather and the relaxing atmosphere of Cabo. The people here are so hardworking and generous. It feels as if I am always on vacation – it’s the perfect place for me!”

Anand Singh

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