Wellness is a decision. Are you ready?

Lately, the word “well-being,” or as we better know it “wellness,” has been on everyone’s lips. Although you may have never exercised or meditated, you may suddenly want to belong to that group of people who take care of themselves both externally and internally. What you may not know is that it is often easier said than done. When you are about to get up to do yoga or breathing exercises, your subconscious whispers in your ear, “Five more minutes!”

Suddenly, we feel that we can no longer live with our bad habits. When sugary soft drinks and a sedentary lifestyle steals our vitality, it is the moment we realize that we need to change, before it is too late.

You search for a nutritionist, a coach, or a gym, and try an activity such as yoga. You even download an application that helps you meditate. In two days, we want the changes to be noticeable — because otherwise we lose motivation.

Wellness offers a comprehensive view of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is a term used to indicate the process of making conscious decisions about yourself to have a full life. Well-being is a combination of different aspects that are interconnected.

According to Dr. Bill Hettler of the National Wellness Institute, a wellness lifestyle requires that you consider six dimensions:

  1. Occupational well-being: This means that you have the job of your dreams. That you have chosen the career or trade that fulfills you and you have developed the skills to have a solid commitment to work.
  2. Physical well-being: The need for regular physical activity. It is based, in a nutshell, on eating right and exercising according to your age and body.
  3. Social well-being: That you contribute, within your means, to caring for the environment and your own community. In this perspective, the values ​​of solidarity and commitment to others are present.
  4. Intellectual well-being: Actively exploring your skills, expanding your limits, solving problems, and learning through creativity.
  5. Spiritual well-being: Not necessarily identifying with a religion but having the need to find meaning in the purpose of human life. It is where you include aspects such as, “Why did I come into this world?”
  6. Emotional well-being: In this last dimension, you want to recognize and accept emotions and feelings, including how you manage stress, anxiety, and happiness. You know yourself and you do not try to deny what you feel, you channel it.

There are many aspects to consider and for this reason the change is not immediate. The most important thing is to recognize that wellness is not a fashion or a trend, but a change of lifestyle. Well-being is giving up your bad habits.

To tell your mind that it is time to modify your self-destructive behaviors, you have to change the control chip and the way you have lived for years. It is not easy, but ask yourself, “Is it necessary?”

When you make the decision to really make a change in your lifestyle, do not hesitate. Focus on the goal you set for yourself and how it will benefit you. Wellness may be a hot topic right now but taking care of your health and peace of mind never goes out of style. Seriously consider what you want to change and where to start. Be aware that it will be a long process. Do not throw in the towel.

Life is about challenges and how we face up to them, start living the healthy life!

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