La Paz, inspiration for the seventh art

Baja California Sur has been an inspiration for artists and producers who have dedicated books, paintings, songs and films to the contrasting scenarios found in this state, as well as its cultural affluence and marine life.

La Paz is a perfect example of the great beauty the Peninsula has to offer. The capital city is nuanced with warm sunsets that can be enjoyed from the boardwalk or the tranquility of its beaches. Both are ideal for capturing romantic moments on a pristine seashore that envelops participants in a magical atmosphere.

A few miles from La Paz, you can discover galleries, streets and festivals in the magical town of Todos Santos. There is no better location for enjoying the region’s colorful stories in a relaxed atmosphere accented by art and picturesque scenery. Or, maybe you want to explore the mysteries surrounding the architecture and history of El Triunfo mining town.

The roads that connect La Paz with beaches and towns lead to unrivaled panoramas, perfect for filming. Tours that highlight the natural wealth of the destination make it easy to fall in love with the deep blue of the Sea of Cortez and the crystalline waters of Balandra, not to mention marine spectacles such as leaping dolphins. The contrast with the golden sand dunes surrounded by cactus provide unparalleled filming locations.

Create and live the movie of a lifetime in La Paz!

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