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At Del Cabo Event Design, we listen to our clients. When they asked us for smaller, personalized events, we started to imagine. Creatively themed decor. Incredible entertainment. Live local music. Cultural immersion. Singing, dancing. Craft classes. Stunning illumination. Mouthwatering food. Bodacious beverages. What if we could curate moments that transport them into uniquely fun experiences and lifelong memories in the privacy of their own home or other private space?

Yaya Experiences was officially born. Locals and visitors alike are loving this spectacular new line of pre-designed and custom packages that return them to celebrating life. They are indulging in fantasies like being transported to the Moroccan desert. Entering tents, they become mesmerized by exotic live music, feast at low tables, partake in hooka and enjoy watching belly dancers. After a prophetic tarot card reading, they test their camel riding skills.

Starry night sky lovers are sipping enchanting cocktails, enjoying spellbinding magic shows and gazing at the heavens through a powerful telescope with a renowned astronomer. Beach types are getting their groove and retro surf on while soaking up peace and love.

Ladies are rocking their friends at lively tropical girl鈥檚 days while guys are deep diving into Baja barbeque fare and going all-in at poker. Home movie nights are now completely next level. Guys and gals alike are wooing their loves with the most romantic dinners and settings they have ever known.

Dynamic package activities include ballet or samba lessons, cigar rolling, tie-die shirt making karaoke, and much more. They will have you and your guests laughing, dancing and singing for the first time in months. And Yaya takes care of all the arrangements including set-up and tear-down. You simply focus on having fun!

As you prepare to enjoy the glorious Los Cabos winter, be sure NOT to miss any breathtaking sunsets as the evenings cool by taking your events indoors. Stock up on cozy ponchos or set up heaters and prepare to enjoy the upcoming whale watching season and magnificent twilight views. Celebrate life!

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