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Manuel Arcadio Mayoral Valle

At only 26 years old, he was elected as delegate in his hometown of Heroica Mulegé in 2021. Manuel is proud of his origins, as his parents instilled in him the value of life in the region’s rancherías, he has grown up with a great sense of pride for the traditional way of life in Baja California Sur

“In the community, most of us are relatives or friends. Tranquility is what tourism feels like here. We are proud when visitors feel that serenity. The visitors that we have because of the flights that arrive in Los Cabos has favored us, leading us to strengthen the intention of rescuing the traditions, customs and traditions that make up our culture, our roots.”

For Manuel, the strength of a good work team lies in unity and collaboration, elements that he has sought to maintain as pillars for the benefit of Heroica Mulegé.

Francisco Javier Aguiar Zúñiga

In addition to being the owner of “Las Casitas” restaurant and hotel, Francisco has an honorary position in the Comondú-Mulegé Tourism Promotion Board, the place where he was born, and from which he happily shares the stories and anecdotes that forge the identity of this place.

“For me it is always very pleasant to talk about my town, because it has a very interesting history since the time of cave paintings. The mission, which was the third established by the Jesuits in the peninsula, the defense of the territory during the North American invasion and all the cultural and natural attractions”.

Another aspect that makes Javier proud of his town is the way the three main sectors: fishing, agriculture, and livestock work together.

One of his recommendations for visitors is to go to the beaches of Bahía Concepción, which are often considered as some of the most beautiful in Mexico due to their pristine ecosystem.

Agustin Casanova Cruz

Originally from Veracruz, Agustín came to Baja California Sur to work in the production of gypsum on San Marcos Island during its heyday, transporting up to 65 thousand tons of this agricultural mineral to countries in the American continent and in the far East like Japan.

Valle de Guadalupe was also on his list of clients — he told us as he kindly welcomed us into his home, along with Bibiana María Ramírez de Casanova, his wife —, as grape growers repeatedly requested this material to control the salinity of the wines.

“More than 30 years ago I came to Mulegé and by now I am a choyero. Among the wonders and things that we have discovered here is that it is a wonderful land. One of my acquired hobbies is wine production.”

Fate directed Agustín towards the world of wine when one of his friends who helped him transport gypsum planted in him the curiosity to venture into viticulture after discovering his taste for harvesting grapes.

He began processing his wines in Ensenada, but over time and with experience, he established contact with a colleague with whom he now processes his wine in Todos Santos, turning Bodegas y Viñedos del Desierto de Mulegé Casanova into an authentic local wine from Baja California Sur.

Leopoldo Hernandez Aguirre

In 1976 he began his studies at the Escuela Normal Superior del Estado de Baja California Sur, where he trained as a teacher. A year before finishing his degree, he was presented with the opportunity to work as a mathematics teacher. By 1979, he moved to Cabo San Lucas, where he lives to this day.

Since the 1980s, Professor Leopoldo Hernández Aguirre has actively participated in the field of education, even coinciding with teacher Amelia Wilkes, of whom he has fond memories.

“Starting in 1988, I worked to establish the Technical Secondary School #16, Technical Secondary School #18, and Technical Secondary School #19 in Las Palmas neighborhood. He also took part in establishing the preparatory school of the State of Baja California Sur, settling first in San José del Cabo, for being the municipal seat.”

When he arrived, he participated in a census that counted 3,500 inhabitants in the port. Prof. Polo is an active witness to the development of Cabo San Lucas, as he has witnessed the growth of the city to become the multinational destination that it is today, in addition to venturing into several family businesses, the most recent, the Casasola restaurant, very popular with locals.

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