Cesar Pita a traveling chef in Los Cabos

Originally from Queretaro, Cesar Pita grew up in his grandparent’s restaurant located in the first hotel in the state. His childhood was an environment of markets and groceries shops filled with fresh and varied products that were always accompanied by attentive service.


“I can’t remember when I didn’t spend time in the kitchen. After school, we ate as a family in the family restaurant. The restaurant was located between the Hidalgo market and the De La Cruz market and near third market. On Saturdays, I received the butcher’s shipments. That was my childhood.”

A federal highway officer was Cesar’s first career choice. However, he needed one more centimeter to reach the height requirement. That led him to participate more in the family’s gastronomic preparations such as cleaning pig’s feet, shucking the corn for the pozole, chopping lettuce for the tacos, setting the tables, serving the diners, and even dealing with suppliers.

“When I finished high school, I took some time to think about a plan B. During that period, my pastry chef dad took me with him everywhere. I remember a cooking school in Puebla that interested me. It was completely natural for me to make a cake or prepare food because I had it in my blood. It was then I decided this was my passion.”

Surrounded by organic products, seasoning is a natural art for Cesar. His grandmother was one of the first people who passed along her passion for cooking. Today, Lalo García of Mexico City is one of the professional chefs he admires.

“I admire the freshness with which Lalo cooks. I admire how he scours markets to select products, the way he places the dishes and the attention he gives to the diner. His passion has endured over the years, and it has had a great impact on me.”

Cesar arrived in Los Cabos in 2005 while working on a cruise ship with his father. He was offered a position in the kitchen and he accepted without hesitation. The constant desire to learn more has led him to travel around different parts of the world including Spain, Holland, Japan, Denmark, the Caribbean, Vancouver, Miami, South Carolina, Napa Valley, Puebla and Mexico City.

“Inspiration for a chef comes from everywhere, but in particular, travel. It certainly inspires me. For me, remembering is living. Flavors transport us and convey emotions.”

“I am in love with Los Cabos. You can still quickly get from one place to another compared to the big cities. I enjoy the peace that comes with living here.”

When César has an opportunity to take a day off, he chooses to visit Pescadero’s orchards. He finds a moment of tranquility among the mango trees and nature that surrounds the town. Other favorite places are Espiritu Santo and Cabo Pulmo, for being fantastic diving spots.


“My ideal vacation in Baja California Sur would be in a food truck with my family. We’d make stops at various sites, fish or pick up local products, then cook for us and sell some. It would be a trip that feeds itself and without a map. Someday I will do it.”


Diners in Viceroy Los Cabos are pampered with Mexican flavors and Cesar Pita dishes prepared with global influences. It is a fascinating encounter with Mexico that will whet your appetite and take your palate on a trip with innovative culinary preparations, international techniques and local products.

“Nido is peace, tranquility and harmony. Surrounded by water mirrors, the restaurant is focused 80 percent on seafood. In contrast, CieloMar is fire and focused on dishes cooked over firewood.


CieloMar transmits warmth and comfort. It is an ideal place to leisurely share with family and friends.”

Favorite dish for a meeting with friends: Tongue taquitos or tuna tataki in ceviche or grilled.

“Happy” dish to eat: Freshly made bread. Either with butter or a Brioche filled with panela cheese and sugar.

Kitchen utensil: A good set of knives.

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