New travelers on the peninsula

The travel model has been changing for quite some time. Travelers now look for destinations that offer personalized experiences. The new trend is to focus on adventure and often includes traveling by plane, renting a vehicle, traveling more by land, and even exploring by boat.

With that in mind, Baja California Sur is a destination that offers many unexplored places, open areas, and a variety of landscapes that allow a diverse offering of activities, including the sea, desert, mountains, canyons, beaches, ranches, islands, oases, cave paintings, and mining towns, just to name a few.

Travelers are those who dare to venture beyond what is seen at first glance. They seek contact with culture and gastronomy and their interactions even influences the form of accommodation they choose.

For this type of person, there is a difference between travel agency and travel advisors. As a result, tour operators have become experts in the destination in order to offer a more human experience. An advisor listens to the expectations and wishes of the customer and provides guidance.

Personalizing an experience meets the traveler鈥檚 needs, expectations and interests and results in a tailor-made trip. Many factors must be considered in the process such as the weather, the seasons, and if there are special events during the travel dates. A wow factor must also be included. No matter how many times a traveler returns, he or she can have different experiences. In addition, it is important to consider traveling companions. It can be a totally different experience when a family visits with a six-year old and then returns years later with a teenager.

For travelers who come looking for Instagram photos, Baja California Sur should be added to the list of must-see places. An Instagram photo is probably what attracted the traveler in the first place. However, as expert advisors, we know that if the photo is enticing, there is another beach or trail or oasis they don鈥檛 know yet that is guaranteed to be enchanting. The difference between each trip is in the details. That’s where the wow factor lies!

Modern day travelers look for physical activities that can be enjoyed in small groups and part of the experience is seeing and living what is behind the scenes and not readily visible. In other words, the extraordinary lives of the people involved in the journey. That ranges from those who prepare the food, to those who rent and operate the panga or boat.

Those who travel outside their countries often prioritize reciprocal physical, mental and spiritual well-being. That is, what will this trip give me and what will I bring to this place? Places and their people become part of the traveler and are remembered for many years. There is a longing to return and a desire to protect the well-being of the community.

Faced with the current sanitary requirements, the reduction in the ability to gather in close proximity is a great advantage for natural destinations such as the southern Californian peninsula. There are attractions such as fossils and cave paintings that date back thousands of years. Their preservation is precisely due to controlled access.

It is our responsibility to promote sustainable tourism and encourage the care of resources. It is important to highlight these issues and prepare the traveler. As a result, the experience can begin before leaving home through short courses where actions that minimize human impacts are taught and recommendations are made for products that should be packed including biodegradable sunscreen, sanitizers and reusable or recyclable masks.

Those who are already in love with Baja California Sur will be the first to return and will adapt to the current requirements. Creativity is the new challenge. It鈥檚 time to start planning a product development strategy focused on the latest travel trends.

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Edici贸n 48 - Wellness
Descubre qu茅 tiene esta parte de M茅xico que ha mantenido su misticismo a pesar de ser un lugar con dinamismo constante. 驴Ser谩 la magia de los oasis, de las islas, del mar, o del desierto? Descifra Baja California Sur o solo d茅jate cautivar por el bienestar que proporciona.


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