The Wine Bar by Romeo and Julieta

This bar will give you hope when you are so discouraged you don’t know where to turn for a good drink. The Wine Bar is a relaxing space that invites you to enjoy a glass of wine followed by a feast of flavors ranging from edamame to a meat and cheese board, and that includes the burgers and pork ramen.

Even though the food is spectacular, the crown jewels are the signature cocktails, each perfectly crafted with fresh and aromatic ingredients. If you are looking for a classic favorite, a tasty Negroni will do the trick. For a good beer, order a Stout with chocolate and coffee flavors, or an IPA where fruity aromas and bitter hops dominate.

The night can turn intimate when you join in conversation with that special someone at The Wine Bar. Part of the evening’s magic comes from the attentive service. After meeting at the bar with all your important connections —from coworkers to brothers and sisters —it’s time to return home with the wisdom you gained from holding a good glass of wine in your hand.


Tender, juicy, perfectly seasoned and topped with an artisanal bun. Every burger is a picture-perfect delight filled with fresh ingredients.

Pork Ramen

This Japanese staple is made from scratch at Romeo and Julieta. Fresh garnishes include shimejis, seaweed, and chives. The delicious pork makes the dish a treat to any palate.

Sage Me

The uniqueness of this gin-based drink comes from rosemary syrup, grapefruit juice, lemon, and apple. The smoothness of Sage Me makes it the ideal place to start when exploring the world of cocktails.

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