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Studio 24 Hair & Nails

Studio 24 is a team of trained professionals that will be with you through the entire process of getting ready for your big day. Wedding days can be long. Your makeup, hair and nails must be perfect and you will want everything to hold up through all the photos, dances, toasts, and selfies. There will
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Stand Strong

Dolphin Discovery Only by looking after the well-being of others are you able to find your own! The goal of the Dolphin Discovery foundation is the comprehensive development of children from birth to 16 years of age. An integrated model of cooperation between different sectors in the community is employed to promote an organized civil
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“Taste love, taste the sea”

Ramón Ojeda Mestre

Thalassotherapy centers can be found on the French coast from Biarritz to Hendaye. Thalassotherapy, according to the encyclopedia of health, is a therapeutic method that uses beneficial properties from the sea, such as water, algae and mud. The origin of the word comes from the Greek Thalasso (sea) and Therapeia (therapy). In antiquity, Hippocrates, the
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